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We encourage owner and trainer interaction. When your dog goes home our communication doesn't stop there.......we firmly believe once a FLK dog always a FLK dog. We're here to help throughout the dog's life!!

— Team FLK

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    Chris and 8xGRHRCH UH “O’Malley” MH QAA owned by Libby Milroy of DuckDawg Retrievers

    I have known Flatlander Kennels professionally for over ten years. I first met Chris when we were both running HRC tests. Chris and his team are unbelievable and have earned a fabulous reputation all over the United States. Flatlander Kennels has trained many of our personal dogs as well as several puppies and dogs from our kennel. We recommend Chris every chance we get. Chris has developed a successful team and they work extremely hard to develop each dog to its highest potential. Chris is honest, forth-right and cares deeply about the dogs and their success.

    Flatlander Kennels’ dog training team understands a dog’s learning abilities and have developed logical steps that each dog takes on its road to becoming either a well-mannered companion, a fabulous hunting dog or a competition dog. They have top notch facilities including the training areas, the ponds, the kennel buildings and their equipment. They are VERY meticulous in the oversight of the dogs and the kennel area. You can be assured that each dog in their care is well taken care of. Your dog will have the care that you would offer at home and your dog will come home with a solid foundation that Flatlander Kennels has built with training methods that revolve around each individual dog.

    — Libby Milroy, DuckDawg Retrievers
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    Brett Wallen with HRCH “Yellow Cash” MH QAA running a HRC finished test.

    Flatlander Kennels (FLK) is a full service retriever training team. Their program is designed to maximize the potential of our animal athletes. The program is adaptable and when combined with 10+ years of training experience, serves a variety of dog personality traits. The program is built upon a strong foundation of core animal behavior principals that will serve the retriever for a lifetime of success. Chris and his support staff have the patience and ability to read animals to elicit a high degree of success in the field and at the line.

    I have been part of the Flatlander Kennel Team for almost 10 years and have experienced everything from purchasing a puppy to handling a finished retriever at the HRC International Grand Hunt. All with the guidance and support of Flatlander Kennels. I currently own 2 retrievers that FLK has built from the ground up and an accomplished retriever that FLK has refined into a real competitor on weekends. All 3 are very different animals with very different strengths and weaknesses. All 3 are well adapted, happy animals that love to do the daily training required to learn a set of complex skills. All 3 love the daily life at Flatlander Kennels. The comfort, contentment and confidence that my animals live with every day is a result of the attention and experience of the FLK team.

    In 2012 I had a retriever that required TPLO surgery. The decision was made to proceed with the surgery and FLK agreed to rehabilitate Parker. Post-operative rehabilitation for TPLO surgery is a DAILY commitment for 12-14 months that requires patience, dedication, sound judgment and compassion. Parker has returned to daily training and competed in the 2013 HRC Fall Grand. This alone describes the commitment that FLK invests in every animal that they develop.

    The Flatlander Kennel Team far exceeds my expectations and are truly an A list operation, year after year. They are a growing organization that welcomes a challenge and are adaptable to facilitate the unique needs of retrievers and their owners. I am proud to stand next to my retriever and proud to say that I am a part of the Flatlander Kennel Team. Thank you.

    Please use me as a reference. I would love to tell hours of stories and have a candid conversation about anything in the retriever world.

    — Brett Wallen
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    Eric and HRCH “Drake” MH pre-training for the HRC Grand.

    Whether you want your dog to run HRC, AKC, or to hunt, Flatlander Kennels, in my eyes, is the “Best”. I’ve had dogs trained by other pros, but no one else treats the dogs and clients as a part of the family like Chris and his staff. It’s truly a family and team atmosphere.

    They will be honest, upfront, and always provide constant updates and photos. Professional training is about results, and these guys get the job done. Whether you want a hunting companion or a Grand Hunting Retriever Champion.

    Therefore, I do not hesitate to send my dogs 18 hours away because there is no one I’d trust more than the Flatlander team.

    — Eric Talley
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    Chris running HRCH “Timber” MH QAA in an AKC master test. Timber is owned by Justin Hinze of Lincoln Creek Labs.

    I don’t know where to even begin. Chris and his staff are very dedicated trainers and it shows in their proven results. Flatlander Kennels is a class act and they are always willing to answer a phone call whenever it may be. I have had dogs with many trainers over the years and I have never been so satisfied as I am with Flatlander Kennels.

    They are always up front with you and are always willing to help in anyway they can. I also haven’t ever been to a training facility that is as clean and well taken care of as what things are at their facility. The dogs look great and you can tell that extraordinary care is given to each and every dog in training. They truly love what they do at Flatlander Kennels and it shows in both their attitude and the attitude of the dogs that they have in training.

    At Flatlander Kennels they don’t rush through things like some trainers do and they are very focused on doing things the right way and not pushing the dogs as hard as they can to get them in and out. They are more focused on the end results and doing things correct.

    From the day that I met Chris and his staff I felt welcome and didn’t feel like I was just a “client”. They are very friendly and I felt like I had known them forever the very first time I met them. I would highly recommend Flatlander Kennels to anyone that is looking for retriever training and wants things done right.

    — Justin Hinze, Lincoln Creek Labs
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    Chris running HRCH “Alley” MH in the HRC Grand. Alley is owned by Sheena McCorkle of PeakView Retrievers.

    Thank you so much Chris Jobman, and all of Flatlander Kennels for your hard work, day in and day out for all of the sacrifice you give to the dogs and families you train. You and your team are truly “Best of the Best.” I can’t thank you enough for all of the training and trialing you do for these dogs as well as your dedication to each of the dogs and owners as individuals. Despite the number of dogs that are trained by Team Flatlander, one can ask about any one of the dogs and Chris and his team will tell you intricate personality details about each one of them.

    It doesn’t matter to what level you want to achieve, Chris Jobman and his team will do everything they can to reach your goals which personally become their own. Some may want a strong hunting buddy that is superior at obedience in the house while others want to reach for the gold and attempt to obtain the highest potential of hunt testing and/or field trialing possible for their dog. What I also appreciate is Chris’s honesty in that he is realistic and upfront. If every dog could obtain the highest titles possible, everyone would compete, but just like the Olympic qualifiers and Olympic athletes, not everyone is capable, though Team Flatlander will give you everything they have to attain the most out of your dog’s potential.

    In addition, Eileen Jobman, is on site to take professional photographs, individual attention as well as to provide on-site rehab and therapy if needed. She treats each dog as if they were her own, taking photographs, pampering them if needed with baths or being their personal trainer in case of any injuries. I am truly grateful that Team Flatlander also treats each of their animals as they should be, athletes, with monthly vet checkups and they understand the need for rest and recovery, when the dogs are working, conditioning and training day in and day out, you can be rest assured they get the proper rest, sleep and recovery time needed as well.

    I sent my female Golden Retriever (Alley) to Flatlander Kennels after she and I worked together to achieve her maximum potential and range of knowledge that I personally had as a handler. Unfortunately, I had made many small careless mistakes that could have potentially hindered her advancement and capabilities to go farther in the hunt test world. I am forever thankful to Chris and Eileen Jobman, as well as their team for re-teaching her and helping her to obtain her Master Hunter as well as qualify and compete in the Master Nationals and HRC Grand. As of now, Alley is one of the top female Golden Retrievers in the Country, and I owe all my thanks to Team Flatlander!

    Flatlander Kennels is a one stop shop, best of the best “TEAM” that truly cares about the success and health and happiness of their clients and the dogs they practically “adopt” as their own, as is noted by the continued success they produce year after year.

    It is without reservation that I will recommend none other than Flatlander Kennels to anyone ever asking who to send their dog to for training.

    Words cannot truly express my gratitude, devotion and thanks for all Flatlander Kennels has done for me.

    — Sheena and Lance McCorkle, Peakview Retrievers
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    Chris and Pat Keslar of Keslar Kennels with 3xGRHRCH “Jaws” MH QAA at the 5th series of the HRC Grand.

    I met Chris Jobman 3 years ago as I was interested in the HRC and AKC hunt tests. I wanted to develop a foundation female for Keslar Kennels. I told Chris what I thought I was looking for and he told me what I needed! I appreciate his up front approach on everything. Chris found me a 2 yr old female that was QQA at 25 months and chocolate. I was not crazy about the chocolate but would take a look at her and if her ability, desire and conformation met my guidelines I would buy her. She met my specifications, I bought her and her name is “JAWS”!

    Jaws had not competed in a HRC or AKC hunt test. With Chris’s training she qualified and passed her first 3 Grand’s and first Master National! All this in 2.3 years. Jaws is 4 years old today! Chris and Flatlander Kennels have exceeded my expectations and that never happens with me. He has shown me patience for me to understand the game, taught me the whys of competition, is as competitive as I am and totally professional. I’m a retired bank president, Chris and Eileen’s numbers are always right, you never question their accounting.

    “Chris, Eileen, and Flatlander Kennels staff have shown the professionalism I so desperately look for in ever endeavor I pursue. It’s been one hell of a run and can’t wait to see what is in the future with us working together, we’ll be damn tough to beat! Thank you for all your efforts.” Pat Keslar

    You can contact me at to answer any questions regarding my experience with Flatlander Kennels.

    — Pat and Carmen Keslar, Keslar Kennels